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Author of Balfour Declaration - 1898 diplomatic credentials, for talks with Germany
Chancellor of the Exchequer letters patent of Gladstone, 1873 

The (Swedish General) Viktor Balck Olympic Games- Founding Archive
Swedish gold and bronze medals honoring Viktor Balck | Viktor Balck 1912 Stockholm Olympics book Tower and Sword collar of Viktor Balck

Civil War Gillmore Medal to Jewish officer who helped 1863 "Glory" charge toward Ft. Wagner 1863                                                                        
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Swedish Sports Association 1934 Athletics Day  Balck portrait medal honoring what would have been his 90th birthday, (he died 1928)  bronze, 40mm., obverse containing his motto "EDIFY SWEDES BY SPORT."  
Reverse bottom small inscription "Westins ateljé Stockhlom"

Awards of Outstanding International Importance to Statesmen and Heroines

Swedish Mint, "Viktor Balck 80 Yrs.", 25 April 1924,
by Erik Lindberg

        57mm. diameter, 143.6 grams
         edge stamped "GULD 1924".  
  Inscription on reverse means "Gymnastics and athletics bind your garlands...  on 25 APRIL 1924" 
  According to p.21 of Medaljgravoren Erik Lindberg 1873-1966, by Ulla Ehrensvärd (1988), one gold copy of this medal was given to Balck, one to the King of Sweden, and the rest of those struck were in silver;  the Swedish passage reads "Upplaga: Guld till V. Balck, silver." (No mention of any bronze medals.)

 Name of designer "Erik Lindberg" is at obverse bottom.   Lindberg also designed the Nobel Prize medals.             

Inscription around top means "VICKTOR BALCK 80 years". 

The significance of Balck's 80th birthday medal to him is shown by its obverse's appearance on the Cover page of his Remembrances (published 1931).

(The only two existing bronze specimens of) Swedish Mint, Balck's 80th birthday, 25 April 1924, by Erik Lindberg, 57mm. diameter, 74 grams. According to p.21 of Medaljgravoren Erik Lindberg 1873-1966, by Ulla Ehrensvärd (1988), one gold copy of this medal was given to Balck, and the rest of those struck were in silver;  thus these bronze specimens were the only two issued, i.e. only to Balck himself. Below is one mounted in an oak display frame.

UNIQUE Medals struck to honor the key aide to Olympics founder P. De Coubertin

translates as "Westin's studio."

Oak display frame, 125 x 183 mm., containing felt mounted on each side of a board, hollowed for view (on each side) of two medals, the lower of which is a bronze Balck 80th birthday medal fitted into place, held by small pins.   Frame is 37mm. thick at its base, 19mm. above the base.  Seeing that it also contains a 1934 medal, and Balck died in 1928, this mounting must have been ordered by his heirs.

1912 Olympic Games book presented to key co-founder of Olympic Games

Collar of The Order of the Tower and Sword, issued
to the key Co-founder of the Olympic Games

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The (Swedish General) Viktor Balck Olympic Games-Founding Archive

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The non-mounted bronze  specimen of Swedish Mint, Balck's 80th birthday, 25 April 1924, by Erik Lindberg, 57mm., 74 grams.

US WWII WASP service certificate to 1st winner of Amelia Earhart Scholarship

Receiving this gold medal was the culmination of his career.  Available here are the only existing gold and bronze specimens, other than the gold example in the Royal Swedish collection. 

Balck's 1912 Olympic Games participant gold medal, unique (except for the King's) as was the 80th birthday medal, brought £82,000 in the 2006 auction from which these main Balck Archive items were obtained.  This record price was paid  despite the greater importance to him of his 80th birthday medal, as is shown below.

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Sir Viktor Balck in
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Book about Lindberg medals which gives the 
details about the Balck 80th birthday medals.

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The Viktor Balck Olympic Games-Founding Archive

40 page booklet,
published 1942

To our knowledge, this £82,000 was the record for a single Olympics-related object, until the gold medal won by Mark Wells of the 1980 U.S. Olympic ice hockey team sold at auction (in Nov. 2010) for $310,700.  (Wells was not a major star of that U.S. team.)  We know of no comparable items presented to other key Olympics founders (de Coubertin, de Courcy-Laffan, Sloane or Gephardt) ever to have sold .