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High objects of State (letters patent from Queen Victoria, each w/ Great Seal):
Author of Balfour Declaration - 1898 diplomatic credentials, for talks with Germany
Chancellor of the Exchequer letters patent of Gladstone, 1873 

The (Swedish General) Viktor Balck Olympic Games- Founding Archive
Swedish gold and bronze medals honoring Viktor Balck | Viktor Balck 1912 Stockholm Olympics book Tower and Sword collar of Viktor Balck

Civil War Gillmore Medal to Jewish officer who helped 1863 "Glory" charge toward Ft. Wagner 1863                                                                        
Statesmen |Koerber - 1920s friend, then foe of Hitler |The Viktor von Koerber WWI Aviation Archive|
Presentation keys, gold medal to major U.K. statesman  Award Documents to important 19th century European diplomats

The JFK and staffers convention badges etc. ArchiveI.D. Badges to JFK and Secretary Ev Lincoln Mass. Labor Federation badge (major speech)  1960 Democratic Nomination campaign: aide Bob Troutman

Heroines | "Girl who defied Hitler" at 1936 Olympics: biography  Inge Sorensen Archive: items                 First ever (gold NYC) Women's Club Medal of Honor
  Award Diplomas to great Jewess opera singer
The Poignant Mayer family Jewish Heroism for (in WWI) and Flight from (pre-WWII) Germany Archive 
Presentation trowel etc. to president of "philanthropic" society for troubled girls

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Presentation album (                                       commemorating Pritt's role in the legal defense of members of the West German (Communist) Peace Committees, tried (and convicted, 1959-1960) for belonging to a subversive organization.
The West German constitution allowed the Government to ban organizations which it determined to be fronts for Communist or Nazi ideology. 
Other than Franco's Spain, West Germany was the only country that so hindered the work of the Communist Peace Committees, according to http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Friedenskomitee_der_Bundesrepublik_Deutschland.

Miscellaneous awards presented to early leader of int'l anti-Hitler movement

Awards of Outstanding International Importance to Statesmen and Heroines

(from New York Times, 24 May 1972)

D.N. Pritt, British Lawyer, Dies; Defended Ho Chi Minh, Kenyatta 
   LONDON, May 23 - D. N. Pritt, whose espousal of left wing causes and defense in court of those he believed to be oppressed kept him in the fore-front of politics for half a century, died today at his home in Hampshire. His age was 84.
   Among those Mr. Pritt represented were two men who are now Presidents of their respective countries -Jomo Kenyatta of Kenya, during the Mau Mau uprising in the nineteen-fifties, and Julius Nyerere of Tanzania. In 1930 he defended in the Privy Council Ho Chi Minh, later to become President of North Vietnam.
   Another of Mr. Pritt's clients was Gerhart Eisler, a German Communist who jumped bail in the United States and was held. in Britain. With Mr. Pritt’s aid, Eisler was able to withstand extradition.
   Denis N. Pritt was a successful lawyer, much in demand at high fees for complicated cases involving big business. But he would go into court free of charge to defend anybody he felt was being persecuted by officialdom. He gave generously of his time to the National Council for Civil Liberties and similar bodies.
   Although a stanch Marxist, he never became a member of the Communist party. His uncritical admiration of the Soviet Union and Stalin brought his expulsion from the Labor party, which he joined at after World War I. He was a Labor Member of Parliament from 1935 to 1940, when he was expelled for defending Stalin’s invasion of Finland. After that, until 1950, he sat in the House of Commons as an independent..
   Mr. Pritt retired from the bar in 1960. Five years later he became professor of law at the University of Ghana, a post he held for about a year.
   In 1954, Pritt was awarded a Stalin Prize.

From http://onlinebooks.library.upenn.edu/webbin/book/lookupname?key=Pritt, D. N. (Denis Nowell), 1887-

Online Books by D. N. Pritt

Other works wholly by Pritt (those included in lot are in gold)

  •  Light on Moscow (1939)
  • Must the War Spread? (1940)
  • Federal Illusion (1940)
  • Choose your Future (1940)
  • The Fall of the French Republic (1940)
  • USSR Our Ally (1941) 
  • Revolt in Europe (1942)
  • India Our Ally? (1946)  
  • A New World Grows (1947)
  • Star-Spangled Shadow (1947)
  • The State Department and the Cold War (1948)
  • Russia is for Peace  (1951)
     The Search for Peace (1952) 
     Spies and Informers in the Witness-box
  • Liberty in Chains (1962)
  • The Labour Government, 1945-1951 (1963)
  • Neo-Nazis, the Danger of War (1966) 
  • Autobiography                                        
         From Right to Left
         Brasshats and Bureaucrats
         The Defence Accuses
     Law, Class and Society
         Book 1: Employers, Workers and Trade Unions 
         Book 2: The Apparatus of the Law (1971)  
         Book.3: Law and politics; and Law in the colonies
         Book 4: The Substance of the Law

  • "The Burning of the Reichstag: the work of the   Committee of Enquiry" (1933)
  • The People Speak: the People's Convention (1941)
  • Together Against Hitler (1941)
    War Criminals (ca. 1944)
    A New World Grows: USSR 1917-1943

                                         .                                                                      The Reichstag Fire trial: the second brown book of the Hitler terror
    London, John Lane the Bodley Head, 1934. Based on material collected by the World Committee for the Relief of the Victims of German Fascism, with an introductory chapter especially written for the book by Georgi Dimitrov, a forword by D N Pritt, and appendix on murder in Hitler-Germany (introducted by Lion Feuchtanger) and 21 illustrations from original sources.
  • "8 interested graudate students hear Queen's Councillor Pritt report about the process and his background."

    Bentham Committee for Poor Litigants, testimonial album bound in vellum, with gilt-embossed title to Pritt, who was Chairman from 1929 until 1937, when he resigned the position.  Diploma folder is  9  3/4  x  11  1/4 inches.

    Cased, 68 mm. diameter, bronze medallion w/ profile of Ho Chi Minh, and Vietmanese inscription which translates as  "Constitution of the Democratic Republic of Viet Nam".

    220 x 250 mm. album

    "The English 
    Queen's Councillor D.N. PRITT
    greets his German friends
    as they sit for the indictment"

    "In memory
    of the visit of the
    brigade "D.N. Pritt",
       Leipzig, 30 May 1969"
    "The students from London..."
    "3 great Englishmen!"
    (Pritt at top)

    of the
    Peace Trial
    in Dusseldorf
    from 10 November 1959
    to 8 April 1960


    "... get marching lessons from the old master"
    "Dusseldorf, 34 Muhlen Street"

    The Dusseldorf prosecution, 1959/60, against members of the West German peace committees, defended by, among others, Friedrich Karl Kaul, and the British Queen's councillor Denis Noel Pritt....

    Convicted were Pastor John Oberhof, Pastor Erwin Eckert, the former Alderman Edith Hoereth-Menge, the Diploma interpreter Walter Diehl, director of the publishing Wohlrath Gerhardt, the merchant Gustav Thiefes, and insurance clerk Erich Kompalla.

    Translation from German, from

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    The D.N. Pritt, Q.C., Fighter vs. Fascism Archive

    Presentation folder

    49 pages of photos)

    Site map:

    Album signed by 14 officers and 40 others.  The Bentham Committee for Poor Litigants existed from 1929 to 1950.

    J.A. Schramek
    & Associates

    (Actually, he received a Stalin Peace Prize.)

    Archives in London and the M25 area
    From http://www.aim25.ac.uk/cgi-bin/vcdf/detail?coll_id=5916&inst_id=1&nv1=search&nv2=
    Denis Pritt
    was educated at Winchester, London University, Germany, Switzerland and Spain.  He obtained an LLB from London University and was called to the Bar, Middle Temple, in 1909;  he retired from practice in 1960.
    He was a Labour MP for Hammersmith North from 1935-1950, despite being expelled from the Labour Party in 1940.  He was also Professor of Law at the University of Ghana, 1965-1966, chairman of the Howard League for Penal Reform, and chairman of the Bentham Committee for Poor Litigants.  In addition, his interest in peace led him to become president of the British Peace Committee, and a member of the World Peace Council.  He was awarded the Lenin Peace Prize in 1954.

    Papers of Denis Nowell Pritt, comprising Political and Legal Papers, 1938-1971; Books, Addresses and Speeches, 1930s-1972; Photographs, 1960s; letter from Pritt and his wife to Rudolph M Lapp and his wife, 1946-1983, with three photographs, c1944-c1947.

    System of arrangement:

    This collection is divided into six sections: Section 1. Political and Legal Papers, 1938-1961; Section 2. Political and Legal Papers, 1966-1971; Section 3. Books, Addresses and Speeches; Section 4. Photographs; Section 5. Letters from Pritt and his wife. There are some addenda.

    Debate over Pritt's
    Reichstag Fire Findings

    Stills from VIDEO of British Pathe 1952 newsreel "MAU MAU VICTIMS FUNERAL" ends with Pritt with his defendant Jomo Kenyatta :
    "SV. Two accused. SV. Mr. Pritt, Q.C. shaking hands with accused. SCU. Mr. Pritt talking to Jomo Kenyatta. CU. Jomo Kenyatta, SV. Jomo with a European."
    Watch at http://www.britishpathe.com/record.php?id=30710

    Jomo Kenyatta (1894-1978) served as the first Prime Minister (1963-1964) and President (1964-1978) of Kenya. He is considered the founding father of the Kenyan nation.  Convicted in a rigged trial in 1953 for conspiring to lead a violent rebellion against colonialism, he was imprisoned (with hard labor) until 1959..

    Site Map

    A Rightist critique of Pritt (by Nick Cohen)
    from http://nickcohen.net/2009/03/02/eric-hobsbawm-and-the-hitler-stalin-pact/
    ...the creepy figure of D. N. Pritt, KC, MP – a Wykehamist barrister who was on the wrong side of every great question of the mid-twentieth century. Despite everything, it is impossible to like him. Pritt was a type that is too common today: the two-faced civil liberties lawyer. In his time, he was Chairman of the Howard League for Penal Reform and the Bentham Committee for Poor Litigants: no one seemed more dedicated to holding the British state to the highest moral standards. But while fighting for justice at home, he excused and encouraged the worst injustice abroad. In 1937 he defended Stalin’s show trials and concluded after one mockery of justice which might have pleased Saddam Hussein that the ‘case was genuine and the trial fair’....

    Our comment: Leaving aside this barrage of claims (of varying merit), to assert that Pritt "was on the wrong side of every great question of the mid-twentieth century" is quite a bit much, particularly seeing how he seems to have become rather solidly vindicated on an issue on which he first "stuck his neck out", that of rebellion (esp. by Kenyatta) against conoialism in Africa.
    The 1930's radicalized Pritt, as they did a good many thinking people, some of whom later paid for their naivite in the McCarthy era. 
    See also
    our comment about Pritt's stand on the Reichstag Fire.

    Injustice in the Cold War: the Criminalisation of the West German Peace Movement in the Düsseldorf Trial 1959/60
    pub. 2005

    In 1931-32, Pritt sucessfully defended Ho from a French request for extradition (from British Hong Kong), which, had it succeeded, would have led to Ho's execution for engaging in anti-colonial agitation in Indochina:

    If you had to identify one western player who was responsible for saving Ho Chi Minh's miserable life it would have to be the British barrister Dennis Nowell Pritt in 1932. The British Special Branch had arrested Ho Chi Minh in Hong Kong in 1931. He was to be deported to French Indochina where the French would have certainly (and correctly) guillotined him.
    The communist Pritt conspired with a fellow traveller, the attorney General Stafford Cripps to release Ho Chi Minh. HCM's deportation was supposed to be appealed to the Privy Council. It never got there because of a grubby back room deal between Pritt and Stafford Cripps.

    at http://www.arrse.co.uk/current-affairs-news-analysis/139018-former-enemies-us-vietnam-now-military-mates-2.html
    British Army Rumour Service (ARRSE)

    Prices available
    upon request.

    Pritt Archive contents
    Honorary Citizenship and Doctor of Law Degrees, presented to Denis Nowell Pritt
    Commemorative objects about the Reichstag Fire Trial, and Leipzig (location of the Fall 1933 "Counter-trial"), presented to D. N. Pritt, Q.C.

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    Miscellaneous Awards to Pritt:

    Bentham Committee for Poor Litigants, testimonial album, two pages of caligraphic text, three pages of signatures; bound in vellum with gilt-embossed cover to Pritt, who was Chairman from 1929 until 1937, when he resigned the position.

    Presentation folder "Erinnerung an den Friedensprozess in Düsseldorf vom 10. November 1959 bis 8. April 1960" ("In memory of the Peace Trial in Dusseldorf..."). Signed by 7 men who were tried for breaking W. Germany's anti-Communist law (and who appear in an attached photo) whose unsuccessful defense was co-led by Pritt. Accompanied by a scholarly book about this particular trial, pub. 2005.

    Presentation folder (w/ green cover) containing photo of 16 men & 3 women, + handwritten inscription translating roughly as "In memory of the visit of the brigade "D.N. Pritt", Leipzig, 30 May 1969".

    Bronze medallion, 68 mm. diameter, w/ profile of Ho Chi Minh, & inscription "Viet Nam Dan Chu Cong Hoa" [Constitution of the Dem. Republic of Viet Nam] "Ho Chi Minh", in case of issue.

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